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To provide one-stop solution to the establishment of healthcare, bio-tech, bio-medical and petrochemical research facilities from providing consultancy during the inception of the business plan, integration of components part, installation system, construction, testing, commissioning and the final accreditation processes if required.


To be a leading critical/containment environment installation system house in Singapore to meet increasing local and global demand with cutting edge control technologies to increase productivity, energy efficiency and competitiveness.


Founded by Mr Damiian Lee in 2007 and initially established as a one-man operation located at Cecil Street, it started as a dealer for BONPET automatic fire-extinguishers. Year 2009 saw its metamorphosis as it is now: an enterprise that specialises in multi-discipline environmental control solutions. Today, JAD Solutions is housing both the expanded operations and increased manpower.


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  • Design High Containment Facilities

    Build High Containment Facilities.

  • Laboratory Design

    Laboratory Setup Consultancy.

  • Laboratory ACMV

    Laboratory Control Maintenance.

  • Airflow Balancing

    Airflow Commissioning

  • Laboratory Fit out

    M&E, Lab Furniture, Fumehood, BSC & More

  • Nebb Approved Certifier

    ASHRAE 110-2016 Fume Hood Testing.

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